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November 27 2017, Hyeohn and Gwangmook's paper on nanoparticle-enabled sensor is accepted in Small.

October 11 2017, Sungjun's paper on the thermochromic is published in Advanced Optical Materials.

August 8 2017, Sangjin's paper on the deformable battery is published in Advanced Functional Materials.

June 3 2017, Dana's paper on lead-acid battery is published in Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

May 21 2017, Gilsoo and Gwangmook's paper on omnipresentronics is published in Small.

May 4 2017, Hyeohn receives Best Poster Award at The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials. 

April 27 2017, Prof. Shim receives the Outstanding Young Investigator Award, The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM+).

March 1 2017, Welcome our new students, Hyunmin (integrated Ph.D. course), Sungsoon (integrated Ph.D. course), and Sangyoon (Ph.D. course, currently Principle Research Engineer, LGD) 

February 7 2017, Hyeohn receives Best Poster Award at Muju Interantional Winter School. 

January 24 2017, Gwangmook and Sungjun's paper on thermochromic interactive sensor is published in Advanced Materials.

November 12 2016, Hyeohn receives ENGE 2016 Best Award.

October 5 2016, Hyeohn and Taehoon's work published in Nano Letters is highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology. The title is "Sounds good"

September 1 2016, Hyeohn and Taehoon's paper on the wave-driven material assembly work is published in Nano Letters.

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