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( † equal contribution to the work)

( * corresponding author)

Year 2024

87. The rise of memtransistors for neuromorphic hardware and In-memory computing

Bae, J., Won, J. & Shim, W.*

Nano Energy, 126, 109646 (2024)

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86. Self-Powered Sweat-Responsive Structural Color Display

Kim, T., Park, T., Lee, J., Lee, D., Mun, S., Kim, G., Kim, Y., Kim, G., Park, J., Lee, K., Lee, S., Jeon, S., Ryu, D., Shim, W., Kim, J., Park, C.

Advanced Functional Materials, 2314721 (2024)

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85. Revealing the substrate constraint effect on the thermodynamic behaviour of the Pd‐H through capacitive‐based hydrogen‐sorption Measurement.

Kim, G., Lee, S., Lee, S., Yu, H., Cho, H., Chung, Y., Park, T., Shim, W., Lee, K., Park, J., Kim, Y., Chun, D., Lee, W

Advanced Materials,  2310333 (2024)

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Year 2023

84. Solvent-free transfer of monolayer graphene with recrystallized cyclododecane.

Kim, M., Moreira, G., Lisi, N., Kim, N., Shim, W., Lee, G., Capasso, A.

Applied Physics Letters, 21, 123 (2023)

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83. Polytypic two-dimensional FeAs with high anisotropy.

Won, J.,Bae, J., Kim, H.,  KiM, T., Nemati, N., Choi, S., Jung, M., Kim, S., Choi, H., Kim, B., Jin, D., Kim, M., Han, M.,Kim, J. & Shim, W.*

Nano Letters, 23, 23 (2023)

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82. Nontypical Wulff-shaped silicon nanosheets with high catalytic activity.

Lee, M., Kim, T., Jang, W., Lee, S., So, J., Jang, G., Choi, S., Kim, S., Bae, J., Kim, T., Park, H., Moon, J., Soon, A.* & Shim, W.*

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 22620-22632 (2023)

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81. Three-dimensional touch device with two-terminals.

Cho, Y., Kim, T., Kim, G., Do, H., Kim, S., Park, J., Myoung, J., & Shim, W.*

Advanced Materials, 35, 2305697 (2023)

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80. Transparent and flexible graphene pressure sensor with self-assembled topological crystalline ionic gel.

Kim, G., Cho, S., Lee, J., Kim, G., Lee, K., Lee, S., Kang, H., Park, C., Ahn, J., Shim, W., Bae, I., & Park, C.*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 15, 19319 (2023)

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79. Radiofrequency cantilever-free scanning probe microscopy.

Kim, G., Cho, Y., Cho, M., Kim, D. & Shim, W.*

Journal of Applied Physics 133, 194504(2022)

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Year 2022

78. Cation-selective layered silicon oxide membranes for power generation.

Kim, S., Lee, M., Choi, S., Won, J., Kim, T., Kim, T., Bae, J. & Shim, W.*

JPhys Energy, 5, 014010 (2022) [invited as Emerging Leaders 2022 Collection]

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77. Phyllosilicate Clay Mineral: Principles and Applications.

Ra, H., Kim, S., Kim, T., Bae, J., & Shim, W.*

Material Matters, 17, 1 (2022) [invited by Sigma-Aldrich]

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76. Extreme Ion Transport Inorganic 2D Membranes for Nanofluidic Applications.

Kim, S., Choi, H., Kim, B., Lim, G., Kim, T., Lee, M., Ra, H., Yeom, J., Kim, M., Hwang, J., Lee, J., & Shim, W.*

Advanced Materials, 2206354 (2022)

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75. Massively parallel direct writing of nanoapertures using multi-optical probes and super-resolution near-fields.

Park, C., Hwang, S., Kim, D., Won, N., Han, R., Jeon, S., Shim, W., Lim, J., Joo, C. & Kang, S.*

Microsystems & Nanoengineering8, 101 (2022) 

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74. r-BN: A fine hyperbolic dispersion modulator for bulk metamaterials consisting of heterostructures nanohybrids of h-BN and graphene.

LEE, M., Lee, E., Byun, S., Kim, J., Yun, J., So, S., Lee, H., Pee, J., Shim, W., Cho, S., Rho, J., Kim, J.* &  Chung, I.*

Journal of Solid State Chemistry309, 122937 (2022) 

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73. Study of SiO2 coating and carboxylic surface-modification on Mg-based inorganic fiber by one-step reflux reaction.

Park, M., Choi, A., Kim, S., Shim, W., Kim, Y*

Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, (2022) 

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72. Binary-state Scanning Probe Microscopy for Parallel imaging.

Kim, G., Kim, E., Do, H., Cho, M., Kim, S., Kang, S., Kim, D., Cheon, J., & Shim, W.*

Nature Communications, 13, 1438 (2022) 

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Year 2021

71. Bulk Metamaterials Exhibiting Chemically Tunable Hyperbolic Responses.

Lee, M., Lee, E., So, S., Byun, S., Son, J., Ge, B., Lee, H., Park, H., Shim, W., Pee, J., Min, B., Cho, S., Shi, Z., Noh, T., Rho, J.*, Kim, J.*, & Chung, I.*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.143, 49, 20725–20734 (2021)

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70. Materials Research at Yonsei University.

Shim, W. Kim, W., Myoung, J.*, Park, C.*

Advanced Materials, 2006043 (2021)

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69. RevisIting the role of the triple-phase boundary in promoting the oxygen reduction reaction in aluminum-air batteries. 

Choi, S., Do, H., Jin, D., Kim, S., Lee, J., Soon, A., Moon, J., & Shim, W.*

Advanced Functional Materials 2101720 (2021)

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68. Enhancing Li Ion Battery Performance by Mechanical Resonance. 

Jin, D., Kang, H., Do, H., Kim, G., Kim, T., Kim, S., Choi, S., Won, J., Park, I., Jung*, K., & Shim, W.*

Nano Letters 21, 5345 (2021)

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67. Kinetic 2D Crystals via Topochemical Approach.

Bae, J., Kim, M., Kang H., Kim, T., Choi, H., Kim, B., Do, H., & Shim, W.*

Advanced Materials, 2006043 (2021)

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66. Layered Aluminum for electromagnetic wave absorber with near-zero reflection.

Kim, T.†, Do, H.†, Choi, K., Kim, S., Lee, M., Kim, T., Yu, B., Cheon, J, Min, B. & Shim, W.*

Nano Letters 21, 1132 (2021)

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​65. Neuromorphic van der Waals crystals for substantial energy generation.

Kim, S., Choi, S., Lee, H., Jin, D., Kim, G., Kim, T., Lee, J. & Shim, W.*

Nature Communications, 12, 47 (2021)

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64. Tandem Interactive Sensing Display De‐Convoluting Dynamic Pressure and Temperature.

Jin, W., Kim, E., Lee, S., Yu, S., Han, H., Kim, G., Lee, S., Jang, J., Lee, C., Shim, W., Park, C.*

Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2010492 (2021)

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​63. Fabricating elastomeric photomask with nanosized-metal patterns for near-field contact printing.

Paik, S., Kim, G., Seo, D., & Shim, W.*

Journal of Korean Institute of Metals and Materials 59, 142 (2021)

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Year 2020

​62. 3D motion tracking display enabled by magneto-interactive electroluminescence.

Lee, S., Baek, S., Park, S., Koo, M., Kim, E., Lee, S., Jin, W., Kang, H., Park, C., Kim, G., Shin, H., Shim, W., Yang, S., Ahn, J., Park, C.*

Nature Communications, 11, 6072 (2020)

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​61. Semimetallic features in thermoelectric transport properties of 2H–3R phase niobium diselenide.

Moon, H.†, Kim, J.†, Bang, J., Hong, S., Youn, S., Shin, H., Roh, J., Shim, W., Lee, W.*

Nano Energy, 78, 105197 (2020)

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60. Zero-Dimensional PbS Quantum Dot–InGaZnO Film Heterostructure for Short-Wave Infrared Flat-Panel Imager.

Choi, H.†, Kang, J.†, Ahn, J.†, Jin, J., Kim, J., Park, S., Kim, Y., Kim, H., Song, J., Hwang, G., Im, S., Shim, W., Lee, Y.*, Park, M.*, Hwang, D.*

ACS Photonics, 7, 1932 (2020)

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59. Synergistic effects of crystal structure and surface chemistry of stacked graphene-oxide membranes on the water-permeation mechanism.

Lee, H.†, Jin, D.†, Shim, W.*, Lee, J.*

Desalination 492, 114603 (2020)

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58. Highly Integrated Elastic Island-Structured Printed Circuit Board with Controlled Young’s Modulus for Stretchable Electronics.

Cho, D., Kim, J., Jeong, P., Shim, W., Lee, S., Chio, Y., Jung, S.*

Micromachines 11, 617 (2020)

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57. Highly flexible graphene nanoplatelet-polydimethylsiloxane strain sensors with proximity-sensing capability.

Lee, H., Kim, M., Kim, J., Lee, J., Ji, E., Capasso, A., Choi, H., Shim, W., Lee, G.*

Materials Research Express 7, 045603 (2020)

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56. Role of weak interlayer coupling in ultrafast exciton-exciton annihilation in two-dimensional rhenium dichalcogenides.

Sim, S., Lee, D., Lee, J., Cha, M., Cha, S., Heo, W., Cho, S., Shim, W., Lee, K., Yoo, J., Prasankumar, R., Choi, H.*, Jo, M.*

Physical Review B 101, 17439 (2020)

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55. Near-field sub-diffraction photolithography with an elastomeric photomask.

Paik, S.†, Kim, G.†, Chang, S., Lee, S., Jin, D., Jeong, K., Lee, I., Lee, J., Moon, H., Lee, J., Chang, K., Choi, S., Moon, J., Jung, S., Kang, S., Lee, W., Choi, H., Choi, H., Kim, H., Lee, J., Cheon, J., Kim, M., Myoung, J., Park, H., Shim, W.*

Nature Communications 11, 805 (2020)

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Year 2019


54. Sparked reduced graphene oxide for low-temperature sodium-beta alumina batteries.

Jin, D., Lee, H., Choi, S., Kim, S., Lee, Y., Son, S., Park, Y., Lee, J.*, Jung, K.*, Shim, W.*

Nano Letters 19, 8811 (2019)

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53. Sensing and memorising liquids with polarity-interactive ferroelectric sound.

Kim, J., Kim, E., Park, C., Kim, G., Jeong, B., Kim, K., Lee, S., Hwang, I., Han, H., Lee, S., Shim, W., Huh, J., Park, C.*

Nature Communications 10, 1 (2019)

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52. Interactive Skin Display with Epidermal Stimuli Electrode.

Kim, E., Han, H., Yu, S., Park, C., Kim, G., Jeong, B., Lee, S., Kim, J., Lee, S., Kim, J., Park, J., Shim, W., Park, C.*

Advanced Science 6, 1802351 (2019)

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51. Flexible artificial synesthesia electronics with sound-synchronized electroluminescence.

Kim, S., Cho, S., Kim, K., Kim, G., Lee, S., Kim, E., Jeong, B., Hwang, I., Han, H., Shim, W., Lee, T., Park, C.*

Nano Energy 59, 773 (2019)

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50. Megahertz-wave-transmitting conducting polymer electrode for device-to-device integration.

Kim, T., Kim, G., Kim, H., Yoon, H., Kim, T., Jun, Y., Shin, T., Cheon, J., Hwang, D., Min, B., Shim, W.*

Nature Communications 10, 653 (2019)

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49. Bismuth Islands for Low-Temperature Sodium-Beta Alumina Batteries.

Jin, D., Choi, S., Jang, W., Soon, A., Kim, J., Moon, H., Lee, W., Lee, Y., Son, S., Park, Y., Chang, H., Li, G., Jung, K.*, Shim, W.*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 2917 (2019)

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Year 2018

48. 2D WSe2/MoS2 van der Waals heterojunction photodiode for visible-near infrared broadband detection.

Lee, H., Ahn, J., Shim, W., Im, S., Hwang, D.*

Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 163102 (2018)

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47. Role of spin Hall effect in the topological side surface conduction.

Lee, J., Sim, S., Park, S., In, C., Cho, S., Lee, S., Cha, S., Lee, S., Kim, H., Kim, J., Shim, W., Kim, J., Kim, D.*, Choi, H.*

ACS Photonics 5, 3347 (2018)

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46. Generation, transport and detection of valley-locked spin photocurrent in WSe2–graphene–Bi2Se3 heterostructures.

Cha, S., Noh, M., Kim, J., Son, J., Bae, H., Lee, D., Kim, H., Lee, J., Shin, H., Sim, S., Yang, S., Lee, S., Shim, W., Lee, C., Jo, M., Kim, D., Choi, H.*

Nature Nanotechnology, 13, 910 (2018)

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45. Highly Efficient Computer Algorithm for Identifying Layer Thickness of Atomically Thin 2D Materials.

Lee, J., Cho, S., Park, S., Bae, H., Noh, M., Kim, B., In, C., Yang, S., Lee, S., Seo, S., Kim, J., Lee, C., Shim, W., Jo, M., Kim, D., Choi, H.*

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 51, 11LT03 (2018)

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44. Electroluminescent Pressure-Sensing Displays.

Lee, S., Cho, S., Kang, H., Kim, G., Kim, J., Jeong, B., Kim, E., Yu, S., Hwang, I., Han, H., Park, T., Jung, S., Lee, J., Shim, W., Park, C.*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 10, 13757 (2018)

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43. Ultrafast Quantum Beats of Anisotropic Excitons in Atomically Thin ReS2.

Sim, S.†, Lee, D.†, Trifonov, A., Kim, T., Cha, S., Sung, J., Cho, S., Shim, W., Jo, M.*, Choi, H.*

Nature Communications, 9, 351 (2018)

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42. Transparent, Flexible, Conformal Capacitive Pressure Sensors with Nanoparticles

Kim, H.†, Kim, G.†, Kim, T., Lee, S., Kang, D., Hwang, M., Chae, Y., Lee, H., Park, H., Shim, W.*

Small, 14, 1703432 (2018)

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Featured as Front Cover Picture

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41. Strain-engineered Allotrope-like Bismuth Nanowires for Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance.

Kim, J., Oh, M., Kim, G., Bahk, J., Song, J., Jeon, S., Chun, D., Bae, J., Shim, W.*, Lee, W.*

Acta Materialia 144, 145 (2018)

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Year 2017

40. Molecular-Printed-Thermochromic with Fast Color Switching.

Cho, S., Kim, G., Lee, S., Park, J., Shim, W.*

Advanced Optical Materials 5, 1700627 (2017)

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39. Shape-Reconfigurable Aluminum-Air Batteries.

Choi, S.†, Lee, D.†, Kim, G, Lee, Y, Kim, B, Moon, J.*, Shim, W.*

Advanced Functional Materials 27, 1702244 (2017)

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Featured as Front Cover Picture

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38. Rough-Surface-Enabled Capacitive Pressure Sensors with 3D Touch Capability.

Lee, K.†, Lee J.†, Kim, G., Kim Y., Kang, S., Cho, S., Kim, S., Kim, J., Lee, W., Kim, D., Kang, S., Kim, D., Lee, T.*, Shim, W.*

Small 13, 1700368 (2017)

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Featured as Front Cover Picture

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37. Enhancing Reversible Sulfation of PbO2 Nanoparticles for Extended Lifetime in Lead-acid Batteries

Jin, J†, Jin D.†, Shim, J, Shim, W.*

Journal of the Electrochemical Society 164, A1628 (2017)

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36. Spatially Pressure-Mapped Thermochromic Interactive Sensor.

Kim, G., Cho, S., Chang, K., Kim, W., Kang, H., Ryu, S., Myoung, J., Park, J., Park, C., Shim, W.*

Advanced Materials 29, 1606120 (2017)

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35. Organic Light Emitting Board for Dynamic Interactive Display.

Kim, E., Cho, S., Lee, J., Jeong, B., Kim, R., Yu, S., Lee, T., Shim, W., Park, C.

Nature communications 8, 14964 (2017)

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34. Micropatterned Pyramidal Ionic Gels for Sensing Broad-Range Pressures with High Sensitivity.

Cho, S., Lee, S., Yu, S., Kim, H., Chang, S., Kang, D., Hwang, I., Kang, H., Jeong, B., Kim, E., Cho, S., Kim, K., Lee, H., Shim, W.*, Park, C.*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 10128 (2017)

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Year 2016

33. Wave-Tunable Lattice Equivalents toward Micro- and Nanomanipulation.

Kim, H., Kim, T., Kim, D., Shim, W.*

Nano Letters 16, 6472 (2016)

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Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology vol 11, 841 (2016).

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32. Enhanced thermoelectric properties of Au nanodot-included Bi2Te3 nanotube composites.

Lee, E., Ko, J., Kim, J.*, Seo, W., Choi, S., Lee, K.*, Shim, W., Lee, W.

J. Mater. Chem. C 4, 1313 (2016).

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Year 2015

31. Bismuth nanowire thermoelectrics.

Kim, J., Shim, W.*, Lee, W.*

J. Mater. Chem. C 3, 11999 (2015).

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30. A scalable and facile synthesis of alumina/exfoliated graphite composites by attrition milling.

Lee, E., Choi, K., Lee, S., Jung, J., Baik, S., Lim, Y., Kim, S., Shim, W.*, Kim, J.*

RSC Adv. 5, 93267 (2015).

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29. Reversible Liquid Adhesion Switching of Superamphiphobic Pd-Decorated Ag Dendrites via Gas-Induced Structural Changes.

Kim, D., Seo, J.,Shin, S., Lee, S., Lee, K., Cho, H., Shim, W., Lee, H., Lee, T.*

Chem. Mater. 27, 4964 (2015).

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Year 2014

28. Programmable Resistive-Switch Nanowire Transistor Logic Circuits.

Shim, W., Yao, J., Lieber, C. M.

Nano Letters 14, 5430 (2014).

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~ 2013

27. A Cantilever-free approach to dot-matrix nanoprinting.

Brown, K. A., Eichelsdoerfer D. J., Shim, W., Rasin, B., Boya, R., Liao, X., Schmucker, A. L., Liu, G., Mirkin, C. A.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 12921 (2013).

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26.  Desktop nanofabrication with massively multiplexed beam pen lithography.

Liao, X., Brown, K. A., Schmucker, A. L., Liu, G., He, S., Shim, W., Mirkin, C. A.

Nat. Communications. 4, 2103 (2013).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


25.  Plow and ridge nanofabrication.

Shim, W., Brown, K. A.†, Zhou, X., Rasin, B., Liao, X., Schmucker, A. L., Mirkin, C. A.

Small 9, 3058 (2013).

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24.  Tuning the spring constant of cantilever-free tip arrays.

Eichelsdoerfer, D. J., Brown, K. A., Boya, R., Shim, W., Mirkin, C. A.

Nano Letters 13, 664 (2013).

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23.  Thermodynamic-enabled synthesis of Bi/Bi14Te6 axial heterostructure nanowires.

Kang, J.†, Shim, W., Noh, J., Voorhees, P. W., Lee, W.

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, 2395 (2013).

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22. Multifunctional cantilever-free scanning probe arrays coated with multilayer graphene.

Shim, W., Brown, K. A.†, Rasin, B., Liao, X., Zhou, X., Mirkin, C. A.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 18312 (2012).

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21.  Design Rules for Nanogap-Based Hydrogen Gas Sensors.

Lee, J., Shim, W., Noh, J., Lee, W.

ChemPhysChem 13, 1395 (2012).

[download pdf]


20.  Positionally defined, binary semiconductor nanoparticles synthesized by scanning probe block copolymer lithography.

Giam, L. R., He, S., Horwitz, N., Eichelsdoerfer, D., Chai, J., Zheng, Z., Kim, D., Shim, W., Mirkin, C. A.

Nano Letters 12, 1022 (2012).

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19. Thermoelectric efficiency of individual single-crystalline PbTe nanowires grown by a vapor transport method.

Lee, S. H.†, Shim, W., Jang, S. Y., Roh, J. W., Kim, P., Park, J., Lee, W.

Nanotechnology 22, 295707 (2011).

[download pdf]


18.  Reduction of thermal conductivity in single Bi-Te core/shell nanowires with rough interface.

Kang, J., Roh, J. W., Shim, W., Ham, J., Noh, J. S., Lee W.

Advanced Materials 23, 3414 (2011).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]

17. Highly Mobile Palladium Thin Films on an Elastomeric Substrate: Nanogap-Based Hydrogen Gas Sensors.

Lee, J. M.†, Shim, W., Noh, J. S., Lee W.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50, 5301 (2011).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


16.  Structure-dependent growth control in nanowire synthesis via on-film formation of nanowires.

Shim, W., Ham, J.†, Noh, J. S., Lee, W.

Nanoscale Research Letters 6, 196 (2011).

[download pdf]


15.  Watching bismuth nanowires grow.

Ham, J.†, Shim, W., Kim, D. H., Oh, K. H., Voorhees, P. W., Lee, W.

Applied Physics Letters 98, 043102 (2011).

[download pdf]


14.  Hard-tip, soft-spring lithography.

Shim, W., Braunschweig, A. B., Liao, X., Chai, J., Lim, J. K., Zheng, G., Mirkin, C. A.

Nature 469, 516 (2011).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


13.  Scanning probe block copolymer lithography.

Chai, J., Huo, F., Zheng, Z., Giam, L. R., Shim, W., Mirkin, C. A.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 107, 20202 (2010).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


12.  Arrays of nanoscale lenses for subwavelength optical lithography.

Jang, J. W., Zheng, Z., Lee, O. S., Shim, W., Zheng, G., Schatz G. C., Mirkin, C. A.

Nano Letters 10, 4399 (2010).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


11.  Beam pen lithography.

Huo, F., Zheng, G., Liao, X., Giam, L. R., Chai, J., Chen, X., Shim, W., Mirkin, C. A.

Nature Nanotechnology 5, 637 (2010).

[download pdf]


10.  Alignment strategies for the assembly of nanowires with submicron diameters.

Lim, J. K., Lee, B. Y., Pedano, M. L., Senesi, A. J., Jang, J. W., Shim, W., Hong, S., Mirkin, C. A.

Small 6, 1736 (2010).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


9.  Matrix-assisted dip-pen nanolithography and polymer pen lithography.

Huang, L.†, Braunschweig, A. B.†, Shim, W., Qin, L., Lim, J. K., Hurst, S. J., Huo, F., Xue, C., Jang, J. W., Mirkin, C. A.

Small 6, 1077 (2010).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


8.  Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in an individual single-crystalline bismuth nanowire grown by on-film formation of nanowires.

Shim, W., Ham, J., Kim, J., Lee, W.

Applied Physics Letters 95, 232107 (2009).

[download pdf]


7.  Direct growth of compound semiconductor nanowires by on-film formation of nanowires: bismuth telluride.

Ham, J.†, Shim, W., Kim, D. H., Lee, S., Roh, J., Sohn, S., Oh, K. H., Voorhees, P. W., Lee, W.

Nano Letters 9, 2867 (2009).

[download pdf] [supplementary info]


6.  Synthesis and magnetic properties of single-crystalline Mn/Fe-doped and Co-doped ZnS nanowires and nanobelts.

Kang, T., Sung, J., Shim, W., Moon, H., Cho, J., Jo, Y., Lee, W., Kim, B.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113, 5352 (2009).

[download pdf]


5.  On-film formation of Bi nanowires with extraordinary electron mobility.

Shim, W., Ham, J., Lee, K., Jeung, W. Y., Johnson, M., Lee, W.

Nano Letters 9, 18 (2009).

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4.  Magnetotransport properties of an individual single-crystalline Bi nanowire grown by a stress induced method.

Shim, W., Kim, D. H., Chang, J. Y., Kim, B. S., Jeung, W. Y., Johnson, M., Lee, W.

Journal of Applied Physics 104, 073715 (2008).

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3.  Evidence for carrier-induced ferromagnetic ordering in Mn-doped ZnO thin films: Anomalous Hall effect.

Shim, W., Lee, K., Jeon, K. A., Lee, S. Y., Jung, M. H., Lee, W.

Journal of Applied Physics 101, 123908 (2007).

[download pdf]


2.  Magnetic and optical properties of Zn1-xMnxO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition.

Jeon, K. A., Kim, J. H., Shim, W., Lee, W., Jung, M. H., Lee, S. Y.

Journal of Crystal Growth 287, 66 (2006)

[download pdf]

1.  Room-temperature ferromagnetic ordering in Mn-doped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition.

Shim, W., Jeon, K. A., Lee, K., Lee, S. Y., Jung, M. H., Lee, W.

Journal of Electronic Materials 35, 635 (2006).

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